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How do I connect my games console in Halls?

The University provides the Eduroam WiFi network for free to staff and students on campus, but exclusively for academic use - consoles will not work on Eduroam. 

Students in the following halls can request to connect a games console to the internet via a wired connection in your room:

Chancellors Court: all halls.

Palatine Court: all halls.

Founders Court: Dewhurst, Fennemore, Feuchsel and Holt.

Woodlands Court: all halls

Graduates Court: all halls

During Welcome Week, we will email all students in qualifying halls with instructions for how to register your console for internet connectivity. If you’re not in one of these halls your only option for console connectivity is to speak to the Accommodation team and enquire about transferring to one of the halls listed above.

For further information and how you can register your games console in qualifying halls.