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How do I add page numbers midway through document?

To start page numbering on a page other than the first one, you need to insert a section break between the non-numbered and the numbered pages.

So,go to the start of the first page to be numbered - you'll find Section breaks on the Page Layout tab in the Page Setup group under Breaks. The type of break you need to use in this situation you'll need to insert a 'Next Page Section Break'.

NB.The section break will appear at the end of the previous page.

Then edit the footer on the first page that you want numbering – use the Insert tab and choose footer, edit footer.

On the Header & Footer Design tab, click 'Linc to previous' . This will deselect this option.

On the Header and Footer group, click page number, and from the Current Position gallery select your chosen page number type.

Click on Header and Footer group again,Page Number again, and then click Format Page Numbers.

Select your number format (numbers,letters,roman) and change the 'Start At' number to

Close the Header and Footer view.