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Microsoft Office - students with no account

Please be aware that Microsoft Office licencing has changed and is no longer available for shared accounts.  So, in addition to having no access to Blackboard or EHU email when using any guest accounts, there will be no access to any of the Office products including Excel and Word.


Anyone who has work to save will need to use an alternative application such as WordPad which can be found using the 'Search' facility on the start menu.


However, all students who are pre-enrolled, part-enrolled or fully enrolled will have a valid student account and should be able to login with their student number and password.  If they need help determining these details, they will be on their enrollment letter but failing that, they can contact Learning Services on 7800 for assistance.  If the problem is that the student is not pre-. part- or fully enrolled then there is an issue at either Admissions (x7950) or Academic Registry (7274 / 7273 / 7272) which needs addressing.  Quercus is the driver of all valid student network accounts.


Hope this information helps but please ask if any questions.