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I have installed Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote but I still can not open the file?

his can be caused by a number of issues, depending on if the user is using Windows or is on a Mac. 

For Windows users, this could be caused by them trying to open the .onepkg file with the OneNote App instead of OneNote 2016. For Mac users, .onepkg files have to be shared via OneDrive and cannot be opened directly, even if the Mac user has OneNote 2016 for Mac installed. 


  1. If the student is using Windows, make sure that the student is opening with OneNote 2016 and not the OneNote App.
  2. If the student is using a Mac and has OneNote 2016 installed, they can ask for their tutor to share the notebook to them via OneDrive.
  3. If there are still issues the student should be directed back to the tutor to ask if an alternative format can be sent instead, such as exporting the document as a PDF. Additional guidance on how to do this can be found at the following Microsoft link
  4. If it is deemed essential for the document to remain as a notebook then it will need copying over as a OneNote App notebook and shared with the student via OneDrive so that they can access it through the browser-based OneNote application instead.

The above will apply to Windows and Mac users only.