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Can I download Read and Write software on my own PC?

Yes you can. Temporary access has been granted by our software provider for as long as & nbsp; government guidelines around social distancing are in place. To download the software follow the step by step instructions below or video link & nbsp; .

 Please be aware that you will need to contact the Catalyst helpdesk ( for the temporary access code. Visit: in your browser: Scroll down until you see "Click on Try Read&Write today". Now select your platform and click Install: For Windows, select ‘UK’ - a file will download.

Simply follow the instructions to install. Student Temporary Access Guide Public Information 040901DR1

After following the above steps, you’ll be directed to a new page, or a download will start. All you need to know is your ‘Temporary Access Code’ which is provided above.

Microsoft Windows ● Locate the .zip file that was downloaded - double click to open the zip and then double click the setup.exe file to run it. ● Follow the steps to complete the installation. ● Open Read&Write by clicking its icon on the desktop ● Top right hand side of the screen, click the ‘person’ icon ● Click Sign in > Show more ● Click ‘Take Home Code’ and key in your code ● Follow any additional steps ● Done!