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EditShare Logging in and general guidance

There are two iMac computers on the second floor of Catalyst located in the far right hand corner when viewed from the main stairs which have Editshare on them. These are provided mainly for use by students who have access to EditShare (a remote media asset management system) but they can also be used to edit video files locally.


Only certain Creative Media students have access to EditShare and these students will have been shown how to access and use the system by tutors in Creative Edge as part of their course.  Please take a look at the attached file which shows the login procedure.

Just in case students might have forgotten there is some “how to” documentation by the computers for them to refer to.

Below, are some scenarios below that may occur with suggested solutions that could be tried..

Student: I can’t login to EditShare..

Suggested solution: Has the student used EditShare at Edge Hill University before – if not unfortunately they probably do not have a valid account and therefore will be unable to use the EditShare system.

Student: Can I use the iMacs to edit my videos?

Suggested solution: The iMacs are mainly provided for EditShare users - if the student does not have a valid EditShare account they will need to use their own external drive to access media assets and save their work.

Student: I can’t log onto the iMac – it’s asking for a password.

Suggested solution: The two iMacs do not normally require students to log on – if one of the iMacs requests a username/password to access the desktop it should be restarted by holding down the "Control" and "Command" keys then pressing the power button on the back. The computer will immediately shut down and restart displaying the desktop without the need to enter a username/password.

If you need further support, or have any questions, please visit the Catalyst Help Desk, email Catalyst Enquiries or call us on 01695 650800.