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How do I submit multiple files through Turnitin?

Attaching Multiple Word Documents

To merge multiple Word documents you can copy and paste the content directly from one document to another. However, if you have large documents that you wish to merge then you may be best using the 'Insert' tab in Word.



Locate 'Object' and click on the arrow to the right hand side. Next select 'Text From File' from the dropdown menu.

After that you can select files to be merged into the current document. Press and hold ctrl to select more than one document.

Submitting different file types as one document

If a tutor has requested multiple files types to be submitted, convert each one to a pdf (using ”Save As…”) and then go to or Adobe Acrobat x1 Pro from the Start Up menu to stitch them together into a single file that can be saved and then submitted through Turnitin.

Note: For further information and guidance on using Turnitin, see the Turnitin Submission section on our Online Learning support pages for a video demo or pdf guide on submitting or viewing grades/feedback.

If you are unsure or require assistance, you can contact us at the Catalyst Helpdesk, by emailing or by calling 01695 650800.