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Am I able to resubmit to a Turnitin Submission Dropbox?

This depends on how your tutor has set the Submission Dropbox. When a Submission Dropbox allows resubmissions, a 'Resubmit' icon will appear if you navigate back to the Submission Dropbox following your initial submission attempt. If this icon does not appear then the tutor has not set the Submission Dropbox to allow resubmissions.


Important! We are transitioning to a new version of Turnitin, and so it may start to look different if you have submissions from June 2022 onwards. See the Turnitin Submission section on our Online Learning support pages for a video demo or pdf guide on submitting, or viewing grades/feedback. 


If your assignment is set using the new version of Turnitin and allows resubmissions then you can resubmit by clicking on the Submission Dropbox link:



Followed by the 'Resubmit' icon next to your submission attempt:



Selecting this icon will start the submission process once more.