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I get an error message when uploading to a Blackboard ePortfolio / Journal entry

To avoid potential issues with uploading files to your journal / portfolio entry in Blackboard, use the following method.

While in create or edit mode on the journal entry, you must use the ‘paper clip’ method:

1. Click in the table or elsewhere on the entry page where you want to place the uploaded file.

2. If you cannot see the paper clip icon, first click on the chevrons on the right side of the Journal Entry box, to expand the menu


3. Click the paper clip icon to upload a file:



4. In the pop-up, use 'Browse my computer' to locate the file and select it. Then click 'open'.

5. Click 'Submit' to upload and repeat if you are adding more files.

6. Remember to click 'Post entry'

*Blackboard should remember this setting the next time you go to edit the same entry.

DO NOT use links under ‘Journal Entry Files’:


If you require further assistance, please contact our Catalyst Helpdesk Team on 01695 650800 or via email