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What does Turnitin do?

As a paper is scanned by Turnitin the system produces two pieces of information:

  • A similarity index, which identifies how much of the submitted work Turnitin can identify as being matched against another source.
  • A colour coded originality report, which identifies each match in more detail and allows more detailed investigation of the original source.

Turnitin does not in itself identify plagiarism, this remains an academic judgement. However, the index and report can provide valuable evidence in making this judgement as well as supporting you in developing your own knowledge about plagiarism, referencing and your academic writing skills.

We have a guide containing further frequently asked questions related to Turnitin, visit Turnitin - Student FAQs

Note: For further information and guidance on using Turnitin, see the Turnitin Submission section on our Online Learning support pages for a video demo or pdf guide on submitting or viewing grades/feedback.