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I have submitted to Turnitin but it isn't allowing me to check Similarity matches?

If you have submitted to a Turnitin Submission Dropbox and are able to see your percentage score, but not the matches themselves, then we would advise checking the following when opening your assignment in Turnitin:

  • In the Turnitin Submission Dropbox, click on the title link for the work that you have submitted. This will open the Feedback Studio.
  • In the Feedback Studio, click on the square icon in the top right-hand corner and make sure that 'Similarity' is selected. This icon and option looks like this:


If you are unable to see a Similarity percentage at all, contact your tutor in the first instance. It is possible that the Submission Dropbox has been set so that the score does not display to students.

Note: For further information and guidance on using Turnitin, see the Turnitin Submission section on our Online Learning support pages for a video demo or pdf guide on submitting or viewing grades/feedback.