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Why can't I submit all of my files on Turnitin?

Some tutors allow students to submit more than one file through a single Turnitin dropbox. You will need to look for the 'Add Another File' button on the 'Browse and Submission' page of Turnitin. If you cannot see this button, then this facility has not have been made available for this assignment.

If your tutor has told you that this facility is available to you but you cannot see the 'Add Another Fil'e button, you should contact your tutor and ask them to turn on this facility.

If your tutor does not wish you to use this facility you will need to copy and paste or import all your pages  to  a single file.

If you are submitting your file as a PDF file, then you can combine your files easily through Adobe Acrobat, 'Combine Files' tool, which is accessible in the the 'Tools' menu in Adobe Acrobat.

If you need further assistance with this please contact us at the Catalyst Helpdesk or call 01695 650800.