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Why can't I submit my assignment on Turnitin? I pressed the submit button but it looks stuck.

Issues with Turnitin submissions may be caused by a number of issues:

The first possible cause of the issue would be browser-related: We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your browser when using Turnitin.

Secondly, the issue could be caused by the size of your file(s) that you are trying to submit. Turnitin will only allow you to submit work up to a maximum of 100mb and any file(s) exceeding this size will need to be reduced. 

The large size of the file will usually be caused by images and other graphics and reducing their size within the document will reduce the overall file size.

You may also find that compressing the PDF with a compression tool will reduce the size enough for you to submit your assignment.

if you attach your file(s) and press submit but Turnitin does not inform you that your submission was successful, then look at the size of your file(s). Turnitin will only allow you to submit work up to a limit of 100MB. If the file(s) size combined is over 100MB then you will need to reduce the size.

Note: Check with your tutor if submitting in PDF format is acceptable, as they may need you to use a specific format.

If you need further assistance please contact us, either by calling 01695 650800 or coming in to see us at the Catalyst Helpdesk.