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Blackboard - I've missed an announcement. How do I find it again?

When your tutor or departmental administrator sends an Announcement from the Blackboard course, you will receive an email notification, as well as a pop-up notification when you next enter the Ultra course area.

If the Announcement is particularly urgent then your tutor is able to set it so that it is delivered to you by email straight away, regardless of your notification settings in Learning Edge.

If you have missed an Announcement or would like to view a previous Announcement again then you have a few options:

Activity Stream

You’re able to view recent Announcements in your Activity Stream. The Activity Stream is located in the left-hand main menu of Learning Edge. The icon looks like this:

The Activity Stream is a single page where you can see most activity from your course areas, including Announcements. The list of notifications in the Activity Stream appear in chronological order and Announcements appear with a ‘mega phone’ icon next to them:

You can click on the Announcement itself to view it within the course area.


View Announcements in your Course:

You’re also able to view previous Announcements in your Ultra course. In the panel at the top of the page, select the ‘Announcements’:

The next window will display a list of the Announcements that have previously been made in your course, along with the date and time that they were posted: