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Blackboard - How do I submit my work to a Turnitin Assignment?

In Learning Edge, there are three main methods for assessment: An Assignment, a Test or a Turnitin Assignment. 
This article will go through the process of submitting to a Turnitin Assignment.
Submitting a Turnitin Assignment

Turnitin is very commonly used for assessment and is separate to Blackboard but still connects to your course area.

We have student support material, including a demonstration video, for submitting to Turnitin available at the following Learning Services pages:

Learning Services Page – Online Assessment

This page contains the following guides:

Student Guide – Submitting to a Turnitin Submission Dropbox

If you are experiencing a technical issue with submitting to a Turnitin Submission Dropbox then you can contact the Catalyst Helpdesk Team in the first instance. Their email address is: