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Blackboard - How do I submit my work to a Blackboard Test?

he method for submitting work for assessment in your course will depend on how the assessment method that has been used by your tutor, along with what is required of the assessment. Depending on the course, the assessment may be an essay, a test or may be a recorded presentation. 
Your tutor will instruct you with what is required of each assignment.
In Learning Edge, there are three main methods for assessment: An Assignment, a Test or a Turnitin Assignment. 
This article will go through the process of submitting to a Test.
Submitting to a Blackboard Test
If your tutor has set up a Blackboard Test, you’re able to access it in the same way as you would do for another Assignment. When you click on the link for a Blackboard Test, you will be prompted to confirm that you would like to begin the test by the pop-out menu that appears on the right-hand side of the screen: 

When you enter the test area, the questions that have been set by your tutor will appear on screen with the option to submit your test attempt when you are finished.

Remember that the test may have time constraints set by your tutor which may include when it is available in your course area and how long you have to complete the test. If you are unsure, contact your tutor for further advice.

We recommend making sure to use a reliable internet connection when taking a test and make sure to be using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the latest version of Microsoft Edge as your browser.