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Blackboard - How do I submit my work to a Blackboard Assignment?

The method for submitting work for assessment in your course will depend on how the assessment method that has been used by your tutor, along with what is required of the assessment. Depending on the course, the assessment may be an essay, a test or may be a recorded presentation. 
Your tutor will instruct you with what is required of each assignment.
In Learning Edge (Blackboard), there are three main methods for assessment: An Assignment, a Test or a Turnitin Assignment. 
This article will go through the process of submitting to an Assignment.
Submitting to a Blackboard Assignment
In your Blackboard course, an Assignment's icon appears like this: 

When your tutor has set a Blackboard Assignment, you will be directed to a Blackboard page were you can add your assignment content to a Content Editor. The Content Editor in Blackboard Ultra is very similar to a basic word processor and looks like this: 

Using the content editor, you can add text, images and can also attach files if you have worked on your assignment using an application on your own device, such as Microsoft Word. You can also format any text that you enter in the Content Editor by selecting the options in the toolbar.

Tip: As an Edge Hill Student, you have access to the full Microsoft Office 365 suite and can download it from this link:

Download Microsoft Office 365

To attach a file to your assignment submission, select the ‘Paper Clip’ icon on the right-hand side of the Content Editor:

When you confirm that you would like to submit your assignment, you will receive the following confirmation message, along with an email confirming that you have submitted: