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Blackboard - How do I view my grades and feedback in my course?

You’re able to view your grades and feedback by 2 different methods for an Ultra Course. We have provided detail on each of these methods, below. 
In each instance, the grades and feedback will only be available to you once they have been released by your tutor. If you have been informed that your grades and feedback have been released but cannot see them, we would advise contacting your tutor in the first instance to let them know. 
Method 1: Gradebook
In an Ultra Course, the Gradebook is where all of your grade records are stored for that particular course.
To view the Gradebook, open the Ultra Course that your assignment was taken in. In the top panel, select ‘Gradebook’:
When the Gradebook is displayed, you will see each of the assignments that have been set up in your course. The three main types of assignment in a Blackboard course are:
1. A Blackboard Assignment. The Blackboard Assignment icon looks like this:
2. A Blackboard Test. The Blackboard Test icon looks like this: 

3. A Turnitin Assignment has two icons, depending on whether you are looking in Gradebook or in your course’s content area and are usually labelled with your course code, the assignment title and the Due date and time. The icons for a Turnitin Assignment look like this:

Regardless of the type of assignment, the marks and feedback will only be available to you in the Gradebook when it has been released by your tutor. Marks that have not yet been released will appear as ‘Not Marked’:

In the Gradebook, you can also click on the title of an assignment to be directed to the assignment’s own page in the course. For example, selecting the Turnitin link will direct you to the Turnitin Assignment submission page.

Method 2: Click the assignment link in your course area

When your tutor has released the grades and feedback for your assignment, you can also click on the assignment link itself in your course area. This is likely to be in a folder marked as ‘Assessments’:



Once the marks have been released, they will appear in a pop-out window on the left-hand side of the screen after clicking on the assignment link:






At the bottom of the pop-out window, you also have the option to view the full submission itself: