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Blackboard - Will I receive course announcements in Learning Edge (Blackboard)?

Your tutor will likely use email and Announcements to make contact with you so you should be able to communicate with your tutor by using your Outlook emails.

Tutors and departmental administrators may also choose to send an Announcement to their students to communicate important pieces of information.

In an Ultra Course, when a tutor sends an Announcement, there are a few ways that the Announcement will be sent to you:

• Via email. Depending on the urgency of the Announcement, your tutor may decide to send it to you straight away. You do also have the option to set how you would like to receive emails in Blackboard via your personal preference pages. 

Tip: Your Announcements may be delivered to your 'Other' tab in Outlook - You can right-click any email and set this to always arrive in the 'Focused' tab instead.

• By going to your course area. When you click into a course, any Announcements that have been posted since you last accessed the course will appear in a pop-out window. You can also view past Announcements at any time by clicking on ‘Announcements’ in left hand menu of your Ultra course. 

• By going to your Activity Stream page. The Activity Stream can be used to view past Announcements from all of your modules and courses and will appear with the Announcement ‘megaphone’ icon next to them. With Ultra Course View, Announcements are posted with the colour that corresponds to your course.

When contacting your tutor, we would strongly recommend checking with your tutor how they would like to be contacted. Whilst Ultra courses have a ‘Messages’ tab, some departments may wish to use email only, so please check with your tutor first.