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My maintenance loan is less than my rent

If maintenance loans are not at the maximum level, it is worth checking with Student Finance to ensure you have received the correct statutory funding

Loans could be reduced due to:

  •  A partner’s or parent/s’ gross income (Student finance normally look at income from two years ago.)
  • A previous maintenance loan over payment – Loan overpayments
  • Student finance are waiting for income details or other information and Student Finance have only awarded the basic non means tested element.
  • Student Finance have not fully finished an income assessment and the assessment is still at ‘work in progress’ status. This can be common during the months leading up to the start of term.



You can read further guidance here Maintenance loan with any direct confirmation being taken from Student Finance .


  • If the loan is correct, consider looking at suitable - Part Time Work



  • You may also find it helpful to book an appointment with the Money Advice Team especially if you have tried every option available to improve your loan without success.

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