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My student finance is delayed?

Some students experience delays in their student finance being paid.

Sometimes this is because enrolment hasn’t been entirely completed, so first check that you have completed all stages of enrolment.

The University tuition teams will automatically notify Student Finance of your enrolment and attendance on the course

The delay could also be due to a specific course entry requirement such as a DBS check or Occupational Health Report. The University Admissions Team can provide guidance on this process and possible ways the loan can be released.


If the delay is with Student Finance, we recommend that you first check the status of your Student Finance application. If your finance is delayed it could be because an income check is awaiting a parent’s or partner’s income details. See our Applying for Student Finance page for more information.


If you require further support, telephone or Microsoft Teams calls are available by booking online with The Money Advice Team.  You can take a Teams call through a money advice appointment without the need to receive a Teams link.


Face to face appointments are available by emailing


In the meantime, it is also a good idea to check your eligibility for a 0% authorised overdraft on a student bank account.

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