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How can the Wellbeing team help me?

The Wellbeing team can help with a variety of problems, from stress, anxiety and depression to social isolation or health concerns. 


No matter your problem, the first step to access support is by booking an initial appointment. This is a 30 minute appointment during which a practitioner will ask you questions to understand your needs and work with you to develop an action plan of support. 


Support is personal to you, but can include:

• Referral for internal therapy (counselling/CBT)

• Referral to groups/workshops

• Referrals to other internal teams (Money Advice, Inclusion, Student Support Team, Careers, SPLD team, Uniskills etc.)

• Liaison with GP or external mental health services

• Liaison with tutors

• Self-help – including signposting to Togetherall

• Active Wellbeing Programme

• Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp rental

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