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How can I become a teacher?

There are many different routes you can take to become a qualified teacher working in early years, primary, secondary and further education.  A great way to find out, what teaching is really like is to arrange classroom experience in a local school or college for 2-3 weeks.  This will provide a valuable insight into what teaching is really like and hear first-hand from practising teachers about their own individual experiences. 

There are a host of excellent resources and websites, where you can find further information about the different teaching routes from entry requirements, experience and financial support available:   

Getting into Teacher Training

Get into Teaching-Direct Gov

UCAS Teacher Training

If you would like further support with the process, you can book an appointment with a Careers Adviser. To do so, please contact us via Ask A Question or drop into Careers Corner 11am-3pm Monday to Friday (during busy periods of the year) and 11am-1pm Monday to Friday (during quieter periods such as summer) based on the ground floor of the Catalyst building. 

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