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What happens in an initial appointment with the Wellbeing team?

You will meet with a member of the Wellbeing team for a 30 minute appointment, during which you can discuss any issues you are experiencing. A practitioner will ask you questions to understand your needs and work with you to develop an action plan of support.


Support is personal to you, but can include:

•      Referral for internal therapy (counselling / CBT)

•      Referral to groups/workshops

•      Referrals to other internal teams (Money Advice, Inclusion, Student Support Team, Careers, SPLD team, Uniskills etc.)

•      Liaison with GP or external mental health services

•      Liaison with tutors

•      Self-help – including signposting to Togetherall.

•      Active Wellbeing Programme

•      Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp rental

 To book an appointment please go to Edge Hill's wellbeing webpage.

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