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How do I share my assignment with UniSkills ahead of my appointment?

When you book a UniSkills appointment you will be asked to complete an online booking form. On this form you have the option to upload up to 2 documents and this is the quickest way to share your work with the UniSkills team.

Once you have submitted your booking form, although you can return and view the form you can no longer edit it.

If you need to share your work with UniSkills after submitting your booking form you will need to attach any documents to an email and send this to

  • Make it clear in your email subject/body that you have booked an appointment with UniSkills
  • Where possible, provide the date and time of the appointment
  • Send your document(s) with a at least 24 hours notice before your appointment

UniSkills will do their best to read any document you provide ahead of your appointment. If your Academic Skills Advisor does not have chance to read your documents in advance these can still be discussed during your appointment.

The type of documents you can share with UniSkills that can benefit your appointment include:

  • a copy of your assignment feedback
  • your current draft assignment (whatever stage you are at)
  • your assignment brief, including learning outcomes

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