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I have lost a book, what do I do?

If you have lost or damaged a book you have the option of paying for the replacement cost or purchasing a replacement copy.

If you choose to pay and have received an email invoice notice from the library then the replacement cost will have already been added to your library account. You can pay with cash/card in person at the Catalyst Helpdesk or by signing in to Discover More and clicking on the Fee tab in your account.

If you still have the book in your possession, you do not have to pay the replacement cost but overdue charges will be payable upon their return. 

If you wish to pay for an item that has not yet gone to the invoice stage then please contact the Catalyst Helpdesk.

No refunds can be made once an item has been paid for. If you do find the item after you have made your payment then you are entitled to keep that copy.

If you choose to purchase a replacement copy of a lost/damaged item as an alternative to paying the replacement charge then there are strict criteria that must be adhered to.

We will only accept a replacement copy if:

  • It is in excellent condition (no handwritten notes/highlighting or damage to physical item)
  • It has the same ISBN or it is the latest edition (which will be a different ISBN). The edition number will be on the front page or within the first few pages.

We will not accept any older editions, different titles/authors, items that include any notes or highlighting or any ex-library books.

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