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What is the Next Steps Appointment?

A Next Steps Appointment is the 3rd step in the assessment process for students who think they have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD).
It is used to discuss the results from a diagnostic assessment and to complete a Student Support Plan (SSP), exam modifications form, and other key documentation.

It happens two weeks after a student has had a diagnostic assessment.  This appointment is an opportunity to discuss the assessment report and for an advisor to answer any questions you have.

During the Next Steps appointment, the advisor will complete an application for exam modifications, based on the recommendations in your report.  We will work together to compose a Student Support Plan, outlining what you find challenging and how the department can best support you.  This will be sent to you and to a named contact in your department following the appointment.

During the Next Steps appointment, the Advisor will support you in applying for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) and explain the support available.

You can access support at any point during your engagement with the service to build your study skills strategies, the Advisor will explain how you can do this.

You will find useful information about the services available at Edge Hill University - Disability Support

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