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Car Sharing

We are now able to offer pre-booked reserved parking for parking permit holders when they share a journey with another parking permit holder.

The aim of this is to encourage car sharing and to reduce the number of single passenger journeys, which place great demand on our parking facilities. Facilities Management will accommodate as many bookings as are made for each day (i.e. there is no limit), provided at least two passengers are in the vehicle on arrival, and at least two parking permits are on display.

Car sharing – the only way to guarantee a parking space! How it works:

  • At least two members of your Car Share team must hold valid Parking Permits (either staff or student).
  • Select the Car Share option on MyFM to reserve a parking space. Book up to 2 weeks in advance for each day you require.
  • Display the 2 valid Parking Permits in the windscreen on arrival.
  • Arrive on campus before 10am via the Visitors’ Entrance. We can only hold the space until 10am, after which time it will be freed up for general use.

Provide your booking confirmation number to the Traffic Management Assistant who will direct you to your space.

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