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Visitor Parking

Please visit and click on "visitor parking'. Please remember that parking at The University is extremely limited and, to support our Travel Plan, we give priority to staff, students and Car Sharers.

The University retains a small daily allocation of 20 spaces to accommodate individual visitors attending on business, however, demand will undoubtedly outstrip supply. We encourage all members of staff to support the Travel Plan, and ensure spaces are used effectively, by promoting alternative travel options to their visitors at the earliest opportunity. See EHU Travel for further information.

If your visitor is unable to travel by other means, you may request a reserved visitor parking space. You will be advised immediately if a space is available and you will also receive an email to confirm the booking.

Once the daily allocation is full, unfortunately we cannot accommodate any more visitor parking, and you will be notified accordingly. In this case, you may wish to consider rescheduling your appointment, or directing your visitor to alternative local parking facilities.

Please note that spaces cannot be reserved for Edge Hill permit holders, and once the Reserved Visitor Parking allocation is full no further spaces can be provided. Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-saved basis.

Unfortunately, in accordance to the policy and procedures, we cannot reserve parking for staff.

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