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The journal article I want to view says that I need to pay

Below are a couple of things you can check if you have searched Discover More and the PDF full-text article you want won’t open,

When you click to view PDF you should be directed to log in. Once logged in you should see Edge Hill University displayed on the page. It might be in the top left or top right or in the footer. If you can’t see this it may mean we don’t subscribe to the journal or to the journal in the year which you are trying to open. 

If you can see Edge Hill University at the top of the page but there is a box asking for a personal login or money or asking you to subscribe to the journal, we will need to investigate this for you. Click on the Report a Problem link in Discover More or email us. Please remember to copy the link of the problem journal from the URL box and also tell us the; Journal Title, Year, Volume, Issue, and Pages.

You can also request a book for anything that we don't subscribe to through our You want it, we get it service.

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